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효율적인 Lentivirus, Retrovirus 도입을 위한 Solution
Transduction problems can be frustrating and waste valuable resources. Some cell types, such as hematopoietic cells, show very low transduction efficiency even in the presence of high titers of lentivirus or retrovirus. Low transduction efficiency may result from many factors including low viral receptor density, low cell-to-virus contact, presence of transduction inhibitors, or sensitivity of target cells.

Fortunately, there is a solution-RetroNectin reagent promotes co-localization of lentivirus or retrovirus with target cells to dramatically enhance transduction efficiency.
Simple & Clean - AAV 정제
힘들고 오랜 시간이 걸리는 untracentrifuge 대신, 이제 빠르고 간단하게 AAV를 정제하세요!
  • 독자적인 AAV 추출법으로 Freeze/thaw, sonication 불필요
  • 컬럼 정제를 통해 높은 효율로 고순도의 AAV 입자를 정제
cDNA Mission Accomplished: PrimeScript Reverse Transcriptase
When cDNA synthesis is critical, can your reverse transcriptase enzyme save the day?
Tensions are high at the Intergalactic Space Lab because the supply of cDNA is alarmingly low. The crew of the S.S. PrimeScript space vessel receives a distress signal - can they use their powers of reverse transcription to save the day? Watch and find out!
What are you looking for in a PCR enzyme?
Here are our recommendations for specific polymerases that excel in applications like genotyping, cloning, and next-generation sequencing. Visit our PCR Tip & Tech to get detailed information on enzymes for translational research.
TATAA Biocenter 동영상
성공적인 qPCR을 위해 원리부터 standard curve 작성 및 troubleshooting 까지
- Starting with qPCR
- How to interpret your qPCR data
- Helping you with your qPCR troubles